Journal of Food Science and Agricultural Technology (JFAT)
School of Agro-Industry
Mae Fah Luang University

ISSN: 2408-1736


Effect of storage temperatures on postharvest qualities of fresh tea shoots

Myo Thiha Kyaw, Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn, Phunsiri Suthiluk, Piyaporn Chueamchaitrakun, Sutthiwal Setha


Postharvest quality and antioxidant activity of fresh tea shoots (Camellia sinensis) in sealed polypropylene bags under different temperatures (5, 10, 15 °C and room temperature; 25°C) were determined. After storage, fresh tea shoots were analyzed for weight loss, color changes, respiration rate, antioxidant activity (DPPH assay) and total polyphenol (TP) content. There were no differences in percentage of weight loss of the fresh tea shoots stored at 5 °C and 10 °C for 20 days. The color illustrated by a* and hue values of fresh tea shoots stored at 5 °C remained unchanged in green color up to 20 days. Respiration rate of fresh tea shoots at room temperature was significantly higher than those stored at low temperatures. Tea shoots stored at 5 °C had the lowest respiration rate up to 6 days. The fresh tea shoots stored at 5 °C showed the highest TPC and antioxidant activity. The fresh tea shoots kept freshness for 20 days of storage under lower storage temperatures (5 °C and 10 °C). 5 °C maintained green color, high TP content and antioxidant activity, slow respiration rate and prolonged the shelf life up to 20 days. 


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