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Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Activities of Lupanes from Glochidion daltonii against some Opportunistic Bacteria

Rinda Trongdee, Wisatre Kongcharoensuntorn


The research proposed natural compounds, derived from Khrai, Glochidion daltonii (Muell. Arg (Kurz). The pure compounds from G. daltonii were screened for antibacterial activity and compared to conventional antibiotics, ampicillin and tetracycline against some opportunistic bacteria. Then, antibiofilm activity of lup-20 (29)-ene-3α, 23-diol was determined. The results showed that five lupanes; 3-epi-Lupeol (GE-4), Glochidone (GE-11), Glochidonol (GE-12), Lup-20)29(-ene-3α, 23-diol (GE-14) and Glochidiol (GE-15) had antibacterial activities and inhibited the growth of some opportunistic bacteria at MICs ranging from 64-2048 μM. Compared to two antibiotics, all five lupanes were more active than ampicillin, such as active against P. aeruginosa, but were less efficacious than tetracycline. In addition, the antibiofilm activity of some lupanes was expressed. GE-14 and GE-15 showed antibiofilm activity against tested bacteria, and %inhibition ranged between 10-50%. Compared to the antibiofilm activity of GE-14 and GE-15, the antibiofilm activity of tetracycline showed better antibiofilm activity than the antibiofilm activities of GE-14 and GE-15. So far, lupanes from G. daltonii could be developed as a novel antibacterial agent.


Antibacterial activity; Antibiofilm activity; Lupanes

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