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Absorption Efficiency of Oxygen Scavenger and Shelf-life Prolongation of Bakery Product

Pattharaporn Ringpirom, Pornteera Rattanarat, Ratchaneewan Kulchan


The oxygen scavenger is a type of active packaging technique. Oxygen is one of the major causes of food deterioration such as the growth of Aerobic bacteria (molds and yeasts). Consequently, Oxygen is absorbed by the oxygen scavenger and remove oxygen inside the packaging and extend the shelf-life of food products, but oxygen scavenger will immediately react with oxygen when it contacts, so a good system to maintain the efficiency of oxygen scavenger before application is vital. The efficiency of absorption may be questioned on affect the shelf-life of products. The efficiency of absorption of the oxygen scavenger and shelf-life of bakery products after being stored with the oxygen scavenger was studied. The oxygen scavenger (50 mL) was tested on the efficiency and the prolongation of shelf-life. In the efficiency test, one oxygen scavenger sachet was added in a pouch and tightly sealed and stored at 25 °C. The level of oxygen in the nylon pouch was recorded at 0 and 72 hrs and calculated the efficiency of absorption. In the shelf-life test, each oxygen scavenger sachet of 100% (O-100), 80% (O-80) and 60% (O-60) efficiency was kept in a cake package at 25°C to measure the shelf-life compared with a control package (Control) without oxygen scavenger. Then, complete randomized design statistics and ANOVA were used to analyze the differences. Three replications of samples were analyzed for oxygen content, microbiological, total color difference (TCD), moisture content, and sensory. The result presented that the oxygen scavenger at 100% efficiency (O-100) had a longer shelf-life of cake. Shelf-life of Control sample is about 0.2 day storage, but cake of O-100 sample had about 4.3 days storage. Cake of samples had microbiological (total plate count), that were over the specification of standard. Although total color difference (TCD), moisture content and sensory scale of cake in all samples were not significant after 3 days storage.


Smart packaging; Active Packaging; Oxygen scavenger; Capacity; Efficiency

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