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Encapsulation Maltodextrin with Spray Drying Affecting on Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Protein Hydrolysate Properties

Natnirin Booranasakawee, Panida Banjongsinsiri, Nowwapan Donrung


Shiitake Mushroom Protein Hydrolysate (ShMPH) is a unique taste and flavor and wide consumption increasing as flavoring agents, foods, and food supplements. The encapsulation technique including the spray-drying process can be used for mushroom hydrolysate powder products by improving their sensory characteristics and functional properties with a long storage time. In this present, Lentinula edodes dried powder was
hydrolyzed by protease PT (2% by weight of shiitake dried powder) at 50-55°C for 16-
20 hours and dried by a spray dryer with the different amounts (10, 15, 20, 25%w/v)
of maltodextrin (DE10) carrier at an inlet temperature of 150°C, an outlet temperature
of 80°C, and feed rate 10 mL/minute. Amino acid composition, protein content, and
sensory characteristics by using an electronic tongue, including the functional
properties of ShMPH powder were investigated. The results showed that ShMPH had
high water solubility (84.23-85.29%) and foaming capacity (1.45-1.64 mL/g). The
amino acid content showed a statistically significant decrease as an increase of
maltodextrin addition (p<0.05), in the range of 26.75-57.76 mg/g. The most abundant
amino acid in ShMPH powder was glutamic acid (6.90-14.80 mg/g). Principle
Component Analysis (PCA) of ShMPH powder with the different amounts (0, 10, 15,
20, 25%w/v) of maltodextrin showed an overlap response sensor from all five
samples. It showed a similarly tasty profile and a bitterness reduction. In conclusion,
fifteen percentages of maltodextrin is the best level for spray-drying Shiitake protein
hydrolysate encapsulation. It contained a high amino acid content with good color and
no bitterness. The results indicated that the maltodextrin spray-drying encapsulation
was helpful to improve their functional properties and can be produced protein
hydrolysate powder for several foods and functional foods production.


Encapsulation; Spray drying; Maltodextrin; Mushroom protein hydrolysate

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