Journal of Food Science and Agricultural Technology (JFAT)
School of Agro-Industry
Mae Fah Luang University

ISSN: 2408-1736


Effect of Combination Treatment of High Pressure Processing and Anti-browning Agents on Discoloration of Fresh-cut Burdock (Arctium lappa L.)

Kanae Fujimoto, Yuka Watanebe, Daisuke Hamanaka


Recently, high hydrostatic pressure processing (HPP) has been noted since the advantage of
both non-thermal and non-chemical treatments with small degradation of flavor and texture.
In this study, the effect of HPP and anti-browning agents on the discoloration of fresh-cut
burdock was investigated. Treated fresh-cut burdock samples were stored at 6°C for 3 days and
browning level was evaluated every day as indicated by L*, and h° values. The results showed
that there were no significant difference in L* and h° values between 1 MPa and 80 MPa.
The L * and h ° values in the combination treatment of HPP and 5% citric acid were higher
than those of HPP with 1% citric acid. The results infer that a combination of HPP and citric
acid was more effective for anti-discoloration than non-treated, or treated with only HPP.

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