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Effect of sheet forming method on the qualities of gluten-free rice wonton sheet

Kajongjit Thongthang, Savitree Ratanasumawong


Wonton sheet is square yellow thin sheet made from wheat flour, alkaline salt (eg. Na2CO3
and K2CO3), salt (NaCl) and water. Wonton sheet is usually used to wrap meat filling and it
is cooked by either boiling, frying or steaming. However, gluten protein from wheat flour
in wonton sheet is harmful to coeliac disease patients. Rice is one of the most appropriate
cereal grain for producing gluten-free products. However, rice flour is lack of gluten, so the
rice dough could not be formed by normal method like wheat flour. This research aimed to
study effect of wonton sheet forming methods on physical properties, cooking properties,
and frying properties of gluten free rice wonton sheet. Chai Nat 1 (CN1) rice flour was used
as raw material. Two sheet forming methods were compared in this work. First, rice flour
slurry with high water content was steamed in flat tray to form a thin rice wonton sheet.
The other method is to knead gelatinized rice dough with ungelatinization rice flour, and
then sheet into thin wonton sheet. Raw wanton sheet made by steaming rice slurry method
was more suitable to wrap the filling than that of kneading and sheeting method. However,
wonton sheet formed by steaming rice slurry method was broken after boiling. In contrast,
wonton sheet formed by kneading and sheeting method had good cooking quality with low
cooking loss (5.55±0.77%). Elongation (%) of boiled wonton sheet formed by kneading and
sheeting method was significantly lower than that of commercial wonton sheet (p≤0.05).
Total oil content (%) of fried rice wonton sheets from both methods were lower than that
of commercial sample. It can be concluded that the kneading and sheeting method is more
suitable to produce the gluten-free wonton sheet than steaming rice slurry method, and the
kneading and sheeting method should be used for producing no filling fried wonton.

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