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Effect of mao (Antidesma sp.) pomace supplement on growth performance and economic evaluation of broilers

Kochapan Seedarak, Kanda Lokaewmanee


One means of exploiting the nutritive value of mao pomace is by using it as a concentrate of
organic acids in broiler production. Organic acids are chelating agents of minerals to increase
the absorption of minerals in the small intestine. This study examined the supplementation
level effects of mao pomace (MP) on broiler growth performance and economic evaluation.
In total, 288 chicks were divided into 6 treatment groups, with 4 replicates per treatment
and 12 birds per replicate. Broilers were fed a basal diet, supplemented with MP at 0, 0.1, 0.2,
0.3, 0.4 or 0.5% level. Compared with the control, feeding 0.5% of MP produced greater body
weight gain and productive index at 1-7 d post supplementation (P<0.05). Feeding 0.3%
of MP decreased feed intake and feed conversion ratio at 15-21 d post supplementation
(P<0.05). The dietary MP supplementation at level of 0.2% of MP produced greater average
daily gain at 29-35 d post supplementation (P<0.05). Throughout the experiment, dietary
MP supplementation at level of 0.4% decreased body weight gain and productive index while
feed conversation ratio increased at 1-35 d post supplementation (P<0.05). Moreover, the
dietary MP supplementation at levels of 0.4% decreased salable net return and net profits
return per bird (P<0.05). In conclusion, the results of the present study showed that MP can
be used as a good alternative, natural feed additive in broiler diet and feeding 0.5% of MP
could beneficially affect the salable net return and net profits return per bird.

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